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Get Rid of Raccoons

County Animal Control gets rid of raccoons in La Crosse County all year round! By calling the number above you can have an operator come get rid of your raccoons for you!

How to get rid of raccoons in La Crosse County:

Due to La Crosse County having an abundance of wooded areas, plenty of water supply, and an almost never-ending food supply, La Crosse County tends to become home to many raccoons. With the high population of raccoons, then come the raccoon issues in residential areas and the need to get rid of them. Raccoons in La Crosse County are highly known for breaking into attics, or living under residents’ homes, decks, and/or sheds. In La Crosse county, these raccoons may be intruding your home for shelter, to birth their young, or plainly because it seems more suitable than the hole in the tree on the outside your home. Whatever the case, having these raccoons on your property in La Crosse County can be unpleasant and possibly dangerous and you should as soon as possible get rid of these raccoons. In order to get rid of raccoons successfully in La Crosse County, one would need something to capture the raccoon. Live cage traps are a great way to safely trap a raccoon and successfully get rid of them without harming the raccoon. After a raccoon is trapped, you then can safely get rid of the raccoon by removing it from the premises and releasing it. When getting rid of raccoons after the raccoon has been caught in a live cage trap, one must be careful where they put their fingers. Do not try to pet a raccoon while it is caged. Raccoons are very quick and trying to pet a caged raccoon is a high risk. If you do not feel comfortable physically grabbing the cage and removing the raccoon or need a hand in getting rid of raccoons in the following cities:


608 259 6515

County Animal Control

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