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Bat Removal

Maple Grove Bat Removal

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Maple Grove:

Wildlife Inspection, bat removal, bat proofing.

Reasons you may need bat removal.

*Spotted bats flying out of your house
*Bats found inside of home
*Smell bats in your attic (guano & urine stench)
*Finding guano splattered on the siding of your home

There are many reasons why people think they are in need of a bat removal in Maple Grove and they might just be right. Why chance it? Call County Animal Control to get a wildlife inspection scheduled in Maple Grove!

The inspection will let the customer and the field operator know exactly whether or not the customer is in need of a bat removal. To get an efficient bat removal done in Maple Grove you must find the entry/exit points that the bats are currently using. Where entry points are located, that is where the one-way door is installed, some houses around the Maple Grove area may need multiple one-way doors because you want to be sure the bats come out easily. Our Maple Grove bat removal process of the one-way door allows the bats to leave the building and not re enter. Another step to having a successful bat removal in Maple Grove is to bat proof the building along with the bat removal process of installing one-way doors. Bat proofing the building is something you must take your time with. Looking over the building up and down, all around, under and over anything and everything to find any little hole or gap or flipped shingle and even bent soffit vents, torn screens, or even drip edges. Basically any gap or hole that is the size of a match book, a bat will be able to fit inside of, and it must be sealed for success in your bat removal! After completing bat removal work in Maple Grove we give it 72 hours minimum to allow all the bats to leave you’re house, we do this because not all bats will leave the house in the same night. If you are still having bat issues after a week or two that the bat removal was done, amazingly County Animal Control gives a warranty on the bat removal work they do! Give us a call and we will come back out for another visit with no charge due to fee’s inclusive to the payment you’ve made for the bat removal. If bat removal is needed in Maple Grove or following cities:

Bangor, Brice Prairie, Burr Oak, Barre Mills, Burns, Calvert, Cold Springs, Council Bay, Grand Crossing, French Island, Holmen, La Crosse, Herrington, Holiday Heights, Maple Grove, Medary, Middle Ridge, Midway, North La Crosse, Onalaska, Rockland, Saint Joseph, West Salem, Mindoro, New Amsterdam, Newberg Corners, Shelby, Stevenstown, West La Crosse, Campbell, Farmington, Greenfield, Hamilton, Holland, Washington, Burns Corners

Problems with bats? Call County Animal Control for assistance in the Maple Grove area!

County Animal Control- 608 259 6515

Spring is here and so are the bats! Call County Animal Control to take control of your bat removal needs.