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Bat inside one-way door.
Bat removal process using one-way door.

La Crosse Bat & Pest Removal

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County Animal Control has the most up to date equipment in the industry to humanely assist you in your bat, pest, and animal issues. Keeping safety in mind, we quickly assess the issue with whichever method necessary to permanently get rid of your problem.

Do you have some attic or insulation damage? We will also work with your insurance company to have your attic completely restored. We do this by removing all urine soaked insulation, guano/waste, and then de-odorize and disinfect as needed. To complete the bat/pest removal and restoration we re-insulate your attic with brand new freshly blown in cellulose (Go Green) insulation. 

For assistance in Bat, Pest, or any Animal issues please feel free to contact County Animal Control at

608 259 6515.

 County Animal Control services bat, pest, and many other animal issues in the following cities and towns:

Bangor, Brice Prairie, Burr Oak, Barre Mills, Burns, Calvert, Cold Springs, Council Bay, Grand Crossing, French Island, Holmen, La Crosse, Herrington, Holiday Heights, Maple Grove, Medary, Middle Ridge, Midway, North La Crosse, Onalaska, Rockland, Saint Joseph, West Salem, Mindoro, New Amsterdam, Newberg Corners, Shelby, Stevenstown, West La Crosse, Campbell, Farmington, Greenfield, Hamilton, Holland, Washington, Burns Corners

Bat Control

608 259 6515

The bat season is here! For bat removal services call 608-259-6515 and take control of your bat removal issues today!